July 20, 2019
August 5, 2019


28TH JULY 2019


1. The Parish Penitential Service comes up on Friday August 2nd by 5pm and it begins with the Holy Rosary. Let us create time for God in our lives and be reconciled back to him through the sacrament of Penance (Confession).

2. Please go to the Parish Office or Harvest Committee stands and book for your family Harvest Thanksgivings. You are encouraged to MONETIZE your Harvest Thanksgivings. You can also have your thanksgivings at Weekday Masses.

3. We are STRONGLY encouraged to attend Faith Series every Monday after the evening Mass. This is where we discuss and ask questions about our Faith.

4. All Societies / Groups are reminded to send in their programs for the remaining part of the year to the Parish Office.

5. Archangels’ Parish Band: Parishioners who are interested and have skills in playing musical instruments should pick up forms, fill and return them to the Parish Office.

6. Parishioners who have filled & returned their Parish I.D. Forms should check on our Parish Website to know their I.D. Status and report to the Parish Office for corrections where necessary.

7. Next Sunday August 4 is our Tithe Sunday, please pick up your tithe envelopes. May God continue to bless the work of our hands…Amen.

8. The Pastoral Team will like all Societies to make sure that their financial records are up to date. Please this is very urgent and important.


1. Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary will begin the sales of bulletin for the month of August.

2. The Divine Mercy Devotion will lead the Rosary from Monday July 29th .


  1. The Redemptorist Fund Raising comes up on Sunday August 11th, 2019. Parishioners are encouraged to contribute to this generously to support the Redemptorists Missionaries.
  2. Project Sunday – We appeal to Parishioners to be more generous in supporting projects in the Parish.
  3. Harvest Thanksgivings – Remissions of Harvest Pledges is slow, maybe because it is a new method, but we appeal to Parishioners to endeavor to rapidly adapt to this new system.
  4. Spiritual Programmes – Participation in Spiritual Programmes of the Parish is very low but Socials is on the high side. Friday programmes are not still responded to as expected. Parishioners are encouraged to make efforts to increase their participation in the Spiritual Programmes in Parish, they are for our Spiritual wellbeing.
  5. Parishioners are highly encouraged to usually go through the announcements on the Parish Priest’s Desk in the bulletin.
  6. Prayer for the Week – This is meant for us to thank God for the week. The money realized from the thanksgiving collection done during the Prayer for the Week is supposed to be for the upkeep of the Parish house but has rather been diverted to the Parish Projects. Although it is not compulsory, Parishioners are encouraged to always allow the Holy Water touch them when sprinkled.
  7. All Youths in the Parish are cordially invited to be part of the 17th Biennial Archdiocesan Youth Camp scheduled to hold from August 15th – 18th, 2019. For more information, visit the Parish Office.
  8. Parishioners are invited to be part of the JDPC Lagos Mushroom Agri-Preneur Empowerment Training.  Participation fee is N5,000. Date: Saturday 3rd August, 2019. Venue: Catholic Church of Ascension, Airport Road, Ikeja, Lagos. Time: 9:00am

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