Mother Of Perpetual Help Feast Desk
June 6, 2019
July 30, 2019


21ST JULY 2019


1. Please go to the Parish Office or harvest committee stands and book for your family harvest thanksgivings. You are encouraged to MONETIZE your harvest thanksgivings. You can also have your thanksgivings at Weekday Masses.

2. This is a reminder that Parish Offices will be closed for mid-day Mass and be reopened immediately after Mass.

3. We are STRONGLY encouraged to attend Faith Series every Monday after the evening Mass. This is where we discuss and ask questions about our Faith.

4. Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry cordially invite all youth between the ages of 18-35 to her Most Holy Redeemer Feast Day/Community night with the pastoral Team today by 5pm. Venue: Parish House.

5. All Societies / Groups are reminded to send in their programs for the remaining part of the year to the Parish Office.

6. Archangels’ Parish Band: Parishioners who are interested and have skills in playing musical instruments should pick up forms, fill and return them to the Parish Office.

7. Next Sunday is our Project Sunday. The Pastoral Team is grateful for your generosity and may God continue to bless you…Amen. Please let us come prepared for next week.

8. The Pastoral Team is pleased with the Church Warders, Marshals and MODs. They plead with parishioners to always follow their directives and be patient with them.


1. The members of Confraternity of Christian Mothers will continue the sales of bulletin for the month of July.

2. Association of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary will lead the Rosary from Monday July 22nd.


  1. Good one a move in the right direction God bless our parish Tim

  2. Bro Onyeka says:

    No announcement concerning Wednesdays mother of perpetual help and Fridays a day with the Lord programs.

  3. Magnus Dikeogu says:

    Why is it that the names of some leaders of SCC and their contacts numbers are not here it means the arrangement is inconclusive i suggest that it should be concluded. Thanks

  4. Jon Omoregie says:

    This is a very good development and I wish we reschedule our 6:00am Mass to 6:30am due to security concern and also close our Masses with the SALVE REGINA. Thank you.

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